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The “wooden village” is a hotel in Aggistro built in a green-clad foot of mountain Aggistro. It is made of stone and wood in order to match with the surroundings.


It is only 48 kms away from the town of Serres, 120 kms from Thessaloniki and only 300 kms Turkish-bath. Wooden houses here and there with the chimneys of the fireplaces smoking…paths made of stone, covering the exterior with flower beds and plants. 


The wooden village triggers the desire for a house an the mountain to everybody and it's a find of a hotel that is not often found in Greece. The chalet of the hotel is in the reception area. There you can find a café where you van enjoy your breakfast and coffee next to the fireplace. Breakfast is served to the hotel guests in the morning. For those who wish to visit our hotel there is also the possibility of social tourism. The wooden village offers 18 comfortable rooms each one with differest style. There is a variety of double rooms, double rooms with a fireplace, three bedrooms, four bedrooms suites and every room for people with special needs. The rooms for people with special needs are fully equipped and meet all the relevant standards, with easy access to the place.

  • Two double, fully-equipped rooms
  • Eight double rooms with fireplace
  • A four-bed room
  • Three bed rooms
  • Two floor swites which can accommodate up to four people with a fireplace two bathrooms two TVs and Jacuzzi.

The hotel offers playpens for babies if necessary 

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